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lucet-runtime is the runtime for WebAssembly modules compiled through lucetc.

It is a Rust crate that provides the functionality to load modules from shared object files, instantiate them, and call exported WebAssembly functions. lucet-runtime manages the resources used by each WebAssembly instance (linear memory & globals), and the exception mechanisms that detect and recover from illegal operations.

The public API of the library is defined lucet-runtime, but the bulk of the implementation is in the child crate lucet-runtime-internals. Proc macros are defined in lucet-runtime-macros, and test suites are defined in the child crate lucet-runtime-tests. Many of these tests invoke lucetc and the wasi-sdk tools.

lucet-runtime is usable as a Rust crate or as a C library. The C language interface is found at lucet-runtime/include/lucet.h.