To install cargo-wasi you'll first want to install Rust itself, which you'll need anyway for building Rust code! Once you've got Rust installed you can install cargo-wasi with:

$ cargo install cargo-wasi

This will install a precompiled binary for most major platforms or install from source if we don't have a precompiled binary for your platform. If you would like to see a precompiled binary for your platform please file an issue!.

To verify that your installation works, you can execute:

$ cargo wasi --version

and that should print both the version number as well as git information about where the binary was built from.

Now that everything is set, let's build some code for wasi!

Building from Source

Installing from via cargo install cargo-wasi will install precompiled binaries. These binaries are built on the cargo-wasi repository's CI and are uploaded to as part of the publication process. If you'd prefer to install from source, you can execute this command instead:

$ cargo install cargo-wasi-src