Release Process

This is intended to serve as documentation for Wasmtime's release process. It's largely an internal checklist for those of us performing a Wasmtime release, but others might be curious in this as well!

To kick off the release process someone decides to do a release. Currently there's not a schedule for releases or something similar. Once the decision is made (there's also not really a body governing these decisions, it's more whimsical currently, or on request from others) then the following steps need to be executed to make the release:

  1. git pull - make sure you've got the latest changes
  2. Update the version numbers in Cargo.toml for all crates
  • Edit scripts/, notable the version variable
  • Run the script
  • Commit the changes
  1. Make sure is up-to-date, and fill it out if it doesn't have an entry yet for the current release.
  2. Send this version update as a PR to the wasmtime repository, wait for a merge
  3. After merging, tag the merge as vA.B.C
  4. Push the tag to the repository
  • This will trigger the release CI which will create all release artifacts and publish them to GitHub releases.
  1. Run scripts/ to publish all crates to

And that's it, then you've done a Wasmtime release.