WAMR Quality validation pipeline

Posted in quality on January 17, 2023 by Xu Jun ‐ 1 min read

WAMR has a long pipeline of quality validation, they are basically separated to two parts.

  • Public validation pipeline
    • Quick validation for most commonly used features
    • Ensure every PR will not break the basic functionality
  • Internal validation pipeline
    • 7 * 24 hour available servers for full feature validation
    • Some special designed methods to cover corner cases

Public validation pipeline

  • Public tests requires:
    • fast and efficient
    • license friendly
    • cover most important features

Internal validation pipeline

  • These tests are maintained internally because they are:
    • time consuming, or never end
    • using incompatible licenses
    • compiled binaries which may not be suitable to commit to repo
    • requiring complex environment setup
    • using commercial software which require paid licenses

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